UN Secretary-General António Guterres has made proposals to Member States for the reform of the United Nations since the beginning of his term in January 2017. To improve the delivery of our mandate, the United Nations is making sweeping transformations in the following areas: Development, Management, Peace and Security.

The United Nations development system reform aims to reposition the United Nations development system with a stronger, better-defined collective identity. It aims to be a trusted, reliable, responsive and accountable partner to countries in the implementation of Agenda 2030. This is a journey of transformation.

At the helm of this transformation is the new Resident Coordinator system, designed to coordinate our assets at the country-level. This will ensure countries are at the forefront. Together, we will strengthen the 2030 Agenda at the country level. Achieving the 17 SDGs for everyone everywhere is a promise we intend to keep.

The successful implementation of the development system reform requires a fully-funded and owned Resident Coordinator system. The Special Purpose Trust Fund (SPTF), a specific fund housed within the UN Secretariat, has been established to receive, consolidate, manage and account for all contributions and financial transactions of the new Resident Coordinator system, in a transparent and effective way.

This web portal reflects all commitments, contributions and expenditures recorded for the SPTF. Funding sources include three streams:

  1. voluntary contributions from Member States,
  2. the doubling of cost-sharing amounts from UN entities who are members of the United Nations development system, and
  3. a 1% levy applied to contributions for UN development-related activities earmarked to a single agency, single programme or project.

The UN investing in supporting countries to achieve the SDGs for everyone.

Let’s Continue the Journey Together

This is about serving people, everywhere, and about leaving no one behind.

    — Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed